Tallinna Fotokuu 2013

– RUNDUM Project Space

Rund um – german for right around; orbit, move in an orbit around.

RUNDUM Project Space
Okasroosikese loss, 19 Uus Street, Tallinn

Rundum is a new creative platform initiated by young artists. Its aim is to create opportunities to relate to different locations, react to gaps in the art field of Estonia and explore the feasibility of own initiative practices in the local context. Rundum brings together young people working in different fields of art, in order to foster creative collaboration and mutual exchange of ideas and information.
Rundum Artist-Run Space is one possible way to react to a situation, where formal higher education is achieved but there is no specific output or work field to turn to. The project is mainly a learning process, by which there are many different questions raised: What is the work and the role of an artist in the contemporary life? How to manage as a freelance art worker? What could a collaboration that values both the artist and the private sector be like? How do artist-run spaces from other countries work?.

Rundum project space is run by Kulla Laas, Aap Tepper, Mari Volens, Kristina Õllek and Marileen Kiipli, who are compounded by studies in the Department of Photography of Estonian Academy of Arts and by collectively made exhibitions in Tallinn: Katarsis Project Space (january 2013) and Hobusepea Gallery (aprill 2013). In April 2014 there is also an exhibition coming up in Draakoni Gallery. So far the exhibitions have worked with space and different ways of viewing and perception. Dealing with space and constructing new contexts is also an important part of the activity of Rundum.

During Tallinn Photomonth, Rundum runs a satellite programme of events, responding to the festival’s themes and main programme. Keep an eye on our events calendar and visit Rundum’s website.