Tallinna Fotokuu 2013

— Valga Museum: We, the Roma

We, the Roma
Valga Museum
23 October to 23 December

photography: Annika Haas, text: Reena Purret, design: Katri Haarde

Photographer Annika Haas is portraying one of the most closed minorities in Estonia – the Gypsies or the Roma. The documenting set of photographs providing an insiders view of the national minority predominantly existing in social and economical isolation from the rest of the society never assumes a judgemental angle. The set can be regarded as the expression of self-reflection of the Roma, the format of the shoot having been suggested to the photographer by the members of the community themselves. The exhibition is ever more special due to the fact that never before has the life of Gypsies in Estonia been depicted in such an elaborate visual detail.

The photographs are complemented by texts collected by Reena Purret, an ethnologist and grad student of University of Tartu, by way of interviewing the members of the Roma community.